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Progressive Business Development Exec, Ace Solution Engineer, Brand Maker, Strategist, Innovator, & Entrepreneur

Lynn D. Holland - Solved By HollandAs a kid, I was transfixed by every episode of MacGyver's unconventional problem solving skills using the contents of the average junk drawer to save the day. Inspired, every day became a new quest to overcome whatever peril faced the neighborhood using a keen strategy and whatever was on-hand.

Today I'm still passionate about concocting strategic plans, solving problems, and innovating from scratch. Although these days, by seeing new business opportunities then translating them into profitable entrepreneurial ventures, new brands, new market share, and new value for constituents.

In Convenience this has meant inventing new, more powerful and effective ways for Consumer Product Manufacturers to get face-to-face with Independent Retailers and Consumers. For Petroleum Brands, their Distributors, and Retailer Associations, helping them to promote their brand and deliver more success to their Retailers. And for Independent Retailers, to gain new profits and tools to compete without doing anything different.

In Packaging this inspired the innovation of a Concierge packaging alternative chosen by Commercial and Retail packaging clients who value global sourcing, an accountable and transparent indexed pricing model, and a highly personalized service experience.

I love making new professional acquaintances and talking business strategy so please reach out at or 360.600.6222.

Specialties: Building trusted relationships and partnerships, strategic thinking to engineer clever solutions then execute them, building and taking to market something new, novel, and needed, and brand building.

Lynn Holland
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